Eat out vegan Wales

Following on from my recent post about places to eat vegetarian/vegan in Manchester.

On the weekend I was holidaying in Llandudno in North Wales. It’s a lovely seaside town I visit each year with my family in preparation for Christmas. Over the last couple of years its a pleasure to see how it’s grown, and how it’s continuing to grow as community. I truly find it a lovely place to stay.
Whilst we were shopping on the main street of the town I had the pleasure of meeting some ladies outside a branch of ‘Holland & Barrett’ who were promoting vegetarian & vegan food. I took one of the vegetarian sausage rolls, made a donation and took some flyers about eating out & being Vegan in Wales. This was such a pleasant surprise that I thought I’d share the information they gave me and hoped that if you visit or live locally you can enjoy the options available.
The booklet I received contained an extensive list of places in North Wales that would be suitable for a vegetarian/vegan diet(Please ignore the lack of artistic creativeness with the photo it was taken in bed).

The website is

I have also included a photo I took on the morning of my stay. Llandudno really is a sweet little get a way.




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