Comfort food: Cheese and onion pie

In memory of someone I lost recently I decided to cook a traditional comfort dinner to keep us warm as the cold nights draw in. It’s also a really tasty dish for vegetarians & non veggies alike. I used puff pastry but if you prefer shortcrust that would be equally fine.

For this dish you will need
(serves 2)

1 x pre made/rolled puff (or shortcrust) pastry
1 x large white potato
2 x large white onions
200g of grated cheddar
1 x table spoon of plain flour
100ml of milk
100ml of cream
2 x teaspoons of English mustard
Black pepper

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 – 200c
2. Peel and cube the white potato and in a pan of boiling water, allow to cook for 10 mins or until soft.
3. Whilst that is cooking slice the onions and in a saucepan of boiling water allow to simmer for 4 mins. Till nice and tender.
4. Drain the onions and return to the pan, and using the white flour coat them fully.
5. Return the pan of onions to a medium heat and add the milk. Gentle stir till the mixture thickens.
6. Add the cream, grated cheese, cooked potato, mustard and black pepper (to taste) and continue stirring for another few minutes till everything has mixed nicely.

7. In oven proof dish, (preferably a pie dish) add the contents of the pan.
8. Taking the pastry of your choice cover the top of dish, making sure that it reaches the edges and overlaps a little. Make sure its tucked in nicely and using a fork create some nice patterns on the outside. Also put two holes in the centre so the steam  can escape.
9. Cook in the oven for about 20 mins till the pastry is golden.
10. Serve with vegetables and bread for dipping and enjoy. 🙂



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