For the love of Lush


I love Lush.
Over the last couple of months I’ve become a complete convet. It used to be a shop I completely avoided. With the little knowledge I had of the brand (mainly I knew Lush sold bath items) it didn’t entice me much as I am allergic to a lot of bubble baths. But one, not so special day, after learning that it is against animal testing. I ventured in.
It was quiet enough on this particular day, for me to comfortably roam around the shop and fully mess with the items. Reading some of the bottles I learned that the ingredients were all natural.
A good start.
Then about the charitable work they do. Even better.
The shop assistant approached me, (who must have seen me rather naughtly poking and sniffing things) and asked if I needed help. Admittedly I did. She very politely talked me through some of technicalities behind the items and gave me some background information on the company. She showed me how the solid shampoos worked and talked me through the process of using the chocolate bar looking thing (henna) at home. She very kindly gave me samples of both with instructions on how to use the henna. I decided to trust what I was told about the natural ingredients and purchased a bottle of the rose jam shower gel. She also gave me one of Lush’s guide books that explained about their other items as well as having some well written articles. The assistant also told me about the Lush spas they have, about how it works as an experience and what products are used (that one pretty much hooked me). I left feeling happy and well informed, although holding out my judgement till I got home and used the items.

The rose jam was phenomenal. Never before have I truly wanted to nibble my own skin. Then the solid shampoo a little tricky to get used to, but again it smelled amazing and lasts upto 3 times the amount of the liquid shampoo, if used correctly. A small amount goes a long way.
My 3rd installment was a bath bomb. This was the decider. Having run a bath I was ready for it not to suit my skin at all. It was a Lush luxury pud. It had relaxing scents of Lavender & Ylang ylang. It was colourful and the smells filled the air as soon as it hit the water. My skin didn’t react, and for the first time in years I enjoyed a bubble bath. It was delightful.
It’s easy to assume that my Christmas list now contains several Lush products (including one of their perfumes…come on santa) and the cost of the items I believe is very reasonable. Taking into consideration all the overpriced completely forgettable items I have bought over the years from boots and such like. I can’t recommend the brand more. I find myself going in now just to look at what’s on offer. If your interested in natural ingredients & sparkly stuff (optional) it really could be for you.



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