Healthy new year’s porridge

Happy New year everyone! 
I hope your not suffering too much today?  If your NY resolution is to start healthy eating, then this quick and tasty breakfast could be a good place to start. It has the option of being Vegan if you replace the milk with almond or soya. It’s simple enough to make every day.

Milk/almond milk/soya
Coconut milk powder
Dark chocolate chips
Optional fruit

1. Heat the oats in a pan, with the milk of your choice.
(1.b If you use instant microwave porridge then add the coconut milk powder with the milk before you cook it.)
2. Add the coconut milk powder to the pan and stir till it has mixed in and the porridge has thickened.
3. Dish up and sprinkle on top some cinnamon (cinnamon sugar is even better but not as healthy) and the dark  chocolate sprinkles
4. Optional extras – chopped banana, blueberrys, strawberries or raspberries
5. Enjoy! :mrgreen:



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